From raw material to final products, each process is under strict quality control to ensure that all of our products are manufactured to the OEM standard and  international standards  with top quality and great performance.

  • 1 Dimension
  • 2 PCB
  • 3 Lumen

Incoming Quality Control

The regular inspection is conducted at each step of production to ensure accurate electronic parameters.

Tests that can be done include:The PCB, Lumen, Dimension

Environmental Testing

1. IP67 testing. It evaluates rates of waterproof under high pressure by IPX7 30 minutes at 1 meter depth waterproof test chamber
2. High low temperature test. It tests how components, subsystems and complete systems behave in severe environments that involve high & low temperatures (-45.0℃ ~ 80.0℃)
3. Aging test. It tests 5 hours & confirm if products work well

  • 1 water tightness
  • Low and high temperature test
  • 3 aging test
  • Light Beam testing

Light Beam testing

It tests optimal shape of he light beam, included: spot, flood, combo

Drop And Vibration Testing

The drop test on the packaged products from 1.2 meter & vibration test as well was done providing a means to evaluate the packaging and product robustness.

  • Drop And Vibration Testing
  • outgoing quality control

100% Outgoing Quality Control

Check the appearance & electronic parameters of products in quantity before packing and then checker create the spot checks on products under the AQL before shipping.

Inspect team

We take pride in our stringent quality control / quality assurance department applies an uncompromising approach to the inspection of all raw materials at every touch point. From the original supplier to the moment they arrive in our warehouse, each component is tested to ensure it meets our OEM standards.

Inspect team

Product Certifications

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